Monday, January 30, 2006

KM and Web 2.0

One of my favourite thinkers of today is Peter Russell (

His work on 'The Global Brain', as a living and self regulating organism made me think hard about the evolution of increasingly complex global information and communication technology structures.

Since the early 1990's we have seen an evolution from the 'broadcasting' of information (the push/send model) to the 'shared workspace' with collaborative working, learning and sharing models (the share/pull model). Increasingly, we refer to these more highly interactive and collaborative models as major characteristics that define web 2.0 capability and functionality.

In my work with organisations that seek enterprise wide knowledge management I have tried to bring about more learning and knowledge sharing across and between collaborative teams that share a common interest or 'key knowledge area(s)'. In turn, these key knowledge areas are derived from the organisations objectives i.e. what key areas of knowledge do we need to create, transfer and apply to help us better achieve our objectives?

Maybe this will be a characteristic of web 2.1?

I think that knowledge management, as a discipline, is moving faster in the world of increasingly complex systems of communication, learning and knowledge sharing than the evolution of the web - in terms of theory and process - but, of course, without the support of the appropriate web technologies and tools to support and enable the process - it will not go to far beyond theory only?

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