Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wiki and Global KM

I am simply fascinated, and somewhat in awe of the tremendous developments of wiki's and blogs in the context of knowledge management.

Recently, after years of KM consulting to help organisations better capture, store, share, create and apply new knowledge, I came to the conclusion that self-organising global wiki' s will simply transform the creation and distribution, at least, of knowledge bases.

The argument today centres around the more traditional KM practice of harvesting new learnings and ideas and 'critically' reviewing them with a view to improving the knowledgebase under the supervision of a knowledge base owner, versus, community added and edited, democratically created open source information content.

My initial conclusion is that the wiki world, and all that it represents, will grow exponentially as a key component to creating and sharing our global knowledge. However, I don't think its an 'either/or' situation at all, but inevitably it will become a 'both/and' situation - knowing when to use wiki tools to collaborate and when to use critical expert reviews to create new knowledge.

I am more excited by these so called web 2.0 tools than I have ever been in the KM development arena.

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