Sunday, March 26, 2006

KM and Open Source Methods?

We are all very familiar with open source software, and there are several offerings available for KM, but I do not see much open source consulting methodology for KM available.

As the original idea for open source was conceived around 'open knowledge', for which we are starting to see significant develops, eg wikipedia, I was wondering if anybody knew of any open source methodologies for KM. At we are starting to do this and, naturally, we are interested in working together with other groups.

Would you be interested in a wiki on knowledge management consulting?

For Open Source KM Consulting Methodologies

For KM Consulting services


  1. I just saw this – X-Pubs 2006, Europe’s largest XML content management and publishing conference. Looks like they have Ann Rockley and JoAnn Hackos, plus Adobe, Mark Logic, XMetal, Idiom etc.

    Its on 20-21st June in London

    Have a look

    XML Content management conference

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