Thursday, September 21, 2006

KM - The Open Source KM Consulting Methodology debate?

The concept of 'Open Source' was originally conceived for 'knowledge' 'OSK'
but quickly found its exponential value in open source software 'OSS'.

I would like to help create a global community of KM Practitioners and Consultants who wish to share and develop an Open Source KM Consulting Methodology. The first version is available now and I look forward to exponential growth in its future development. It has to be the way for 21stC Consulting.

If you are interested in such a community please email me: and/or take a look at our Open Source KM website at:


  1. Sounds like a really great idea! :)
    I would love to contribute in whatever way I can...has it been started already? Who else is in?

    BTW, I too blog on KM @

  2. Thanks Nimmy

    I have replied with more details, on your yesterday - great :-)