Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Accelerating the knowledge creation process !

I never cease to be amazed by the speed of web working, and the acceleration of the knowledge creation and knowledge transfer processes.

Let me give a simple example of what happens to me daily in my knowledge creation work, and, indeed, what happens to any knowledge worker using the blogsphere.

Example: A knowledge worker in Europe blogs his/her critique and insights on, say, the emergence of some exciting new knowledge technology enablers at 13.15pm on a monday. At 3am tuesday morning, a knowledge worker in Canada reads the blog and makes valuable comments and further insights. A knowledge worker in Australia immediately builds and comments on the comments from Canada further. And so it passes on, building new insights and comments as it passes through India and SE Asia. The original blogger in Europe wakes up the next day to an amplification of his/her insights, gets inspired and stimulated by the feedback, and, as a result, develops the new insights even further. And so the process continues.

What I find to be extraordinary, in this ever flattening world, is that this new knowledge develops equally, as it is created and shared throughout the world!

The knowledge creation and knowledge transfer process has accelerated beyond individual comprehension - to a truly collaborative virtual team effort. The primary knowledge creating entity is, without doubt, the collaborative virtual team.

The difference is - I never know from one day to the next who the virtual knowledge team will be, or where they are !

Also, I never need to tell anybody to do anything at all - they just want to do it!

Ron Young

'Planetary Knowledge
- enlightened knowledge working'

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