Tuesday, January 23, 2007

From knowledge couch potato to knowledge creator

I enjoyed participating in a Webinar this week on Web 2.0 Metrics.

One of the speakers presented an interesting 'Participation Pyramid'
for web browsing.

The pyramid has four levels:

Level 1 - Couch potatoes

The bottom wide layer he called 'couch potatoes' who don't 'participate' but simply browse.

Level 2 - Collectors

The next layer up in the pyramid, fewer in numbers, participate as the 'Collectors' who find something useful and save it. I remember a friend of mine once referred to extreme types of collectors as 'magpies'.

Level 3 - Critics

The next layer up in the pyramid, even fewer in number, are the 'Critics' who actively participate in thinking, reviewing and commenting and providing feedback.

Level 4 - Creators

The top layer in the apex of the pyramid, even fewer in number (maybe as little as 1% only of the total pyramid) are the most participative - they are the creators of the content.

I think this is simple and cool !

The challenge, apparently, is to gradually develop couch potatoes into creators ?

I like the notion of thinking about knowledge couch potatoes, knowledge collectors, knowledge critics and knowledge creators !

It reminds me of another statistic I came across in my earlier change management consulting years.

In any organisation:

20% Ludites - they will never change
50% Pragmatists - I'll believe it when I see it !
20% Enthusiasts - boy do we need these supporters
10% Creators and Innovators

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