Saturday, January 13, 2007

KM why bother - it's already known!

The greatest lesson for me continues to repeat itself - it's already known!

Every time I think I have discovered something quite new, even leading edge,
I get pointed to an article or a book that describes it. Often much much better
than I had known it!

The question 'What do I/we know?' bears no comparison with 'What is known'

I have had some extraordinary ideas, over the past 20 years, about the development of the global brain and how humanity is just prototyping the evolution of our next brain, using the web, only to find another tremendous article that says it all! So much better than I ever will.

I learned that 'sem' is Tibetan for Mind; that 'semantikos' is Greek for having meaning; and that 'semantic' is English for pertaining to or arising from meaning. Wrap that meaning around the 'semantic web' !!!

Forget my KM consulting hat for a moment, but terms like 'facilitating the world's knowledge' and , at last, considering how the semantic web will contribute to true 'explicit knowledge on the web' (highly interconnected contextual connections) as opposed to turning 'my knowledge into your information' on the web, really resonate deeply!

So I am not sure whether to keep on learning, to give me personal knowledge, or just enjoy the beauty of life - knowing that it is already known anyway :-)

I recommend you read Nova Spivack 'Minding the Planet - the Meaning and Future of the Sematic Web' at:

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