Sunday, February 18, 2007

KM and strategic planning

Are managers improving?

During the 1980's, the findings of a survey amongst managers and executives
suggested that only 10% thought strategically, and valued time and resource
to be allocated to strategic planning.

KM can be transformative and can be highly strategic to an organisation. It can
even help organisations make quantum leaps in performance.

But it can also help improve business operations in many worthy ways,
although not normally as innovative and transformative.

I often wonder how many managers think about knowledge and
knowledge assets strategically today?

I suspect not more than 20% at the most.

One of my work colleagues doubts that it is still not more than 10%,
even after 25 years. Another colleague argues that the worst thing
for KM is strategic planning?

I still believe in the power of strategic planning of knowledge assets to help
organisations better achieve or exceed their objectives; supported by robust
knowledge processes, together with naturally flourishing networks and
communities, underpinned by developing knowledge competencies and

What's your view on KM and strategic planning?

Ron Young

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