Saturday, March 17, 2007

Knowledge Management and Wisdom

I seem to be going on quite a bit about the difference between knowledge
and wisdom, in my recent blogs.

I think this is because I see, much better now, how important wisdom
is, and always will be, to business and to life.

Whereas we now have robust processes and knowledge networks for
capturing new learnings, ideas and insights, sharing them, amplifying
them and creating new knowledge, we don't seem to have developed anything
like the same attention to how wisdom is created and applied.

We talk about the wisdom of children, in their natural, creative and blissful ignorance.

We talk about the wisdom of elders, through learning and experiences and time.

We talk about the wisdom of teams.

So I see wisdom displayed as both naturally spontaneous and creative, and as a
result of some processes.

I think we need to talk a lot more about business wisdom, how to identify it,
how we might better develop and apply it.

A good friend and work colleague of mine is doing a PhD in Knowledge
Management. Naturally, for any higher degree, he has to do a critical review
of the literature first, before identifying new knowledge areas with his Professor.

Imagine, within our education systems, students having to do a critical review
of the timeless wisdom that has been handed down over thousands of years
before embarking on new knowledge creation. Imagine 'sharing timeless
wisdom'as a more common procedure than it is in organizations today.

But maybe I am again too naive and totally wrong here?
Still its a nice thought on a sunny saturday morning :-)

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