Thursday, March 29, 2007

Knowledge values and Wise principles

I am doing quite a bit of work around effective decision making
and its link to knowledge management.

So I am back talking about wisdom again, as I had the following
insight to share:

We act, and make choices and decisions, based on our underlying
values and beliefs. If they are good and right values and/or beliefs,
we should be making good decisions. If they are wrong values
and/or beliefs, then we may be making bad decisions. So, we might
also say that the decision is based on the quality of the knowledge
that supports the values and beliefs.

No rocket science here!

If we are able to act, and make choices and decisions, based on
underlying principles, that have stood the test of time, and are
globally acceptable (Wisdom), then we should be making the
most effective decisions - wise decisions. I think?

As the most relevant and contextual knowledge and wisdom,
required to make a decision, is best found in communities and
teams, as opposed to codified knowledgebases, (apart from
very specific domain knowledge), we need to find better ways
to embed the decision making process into the community
and team work practices.

This may sound obvious, and easily understood intellectually,
but, in my experience, it is not that well developed, if at all,
in practice?

I am looking for anything that can improve the decision making
process, to making 'wiser decisions', more often, within the

Ron Young

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