Monday, March 19, 2007

Open Source Knowledge Management - beta membership

I am glad to say that we are now starting to get interest from around the world to registering for the free beta programme. We hope to be able to start soon.

If you are interested in the beta open source programme for KM education, methodologies, processes, tools and techniques, read the home page and register at

The rationale for 'Open Source Knowledge Management' is very simple: When KM practitioners around the world can read, edit and add, redistribute, and modify the source KM education and KM methodologies, processes, tools and techniques, based on their experiences, the education and methodology will rapidly evolve.

People around the world will improve it at an extraordinary speed compared to the speed of development of proprietary methodologies.

We fundamentally believe and endorse the open source community who have learned that this rapid and collaborative 'community created' evolutionary process produces better knowledge creation and knowledge transfer than the traditional closed model.

Open Source is the only way to create, transfer and apply the best knowledge.

Its an idea who's time has arrived!

We believe that Open Source KM requires both an open and free collaboration and sharing, and a core group of competent KM practitioners to challenge and review through discussion and dialogue.

But first of all, please register your interest by enrolling in our free 'beta' programme. There is no obligation but you are invited to participate as much as you wish.

Joining our free 'beta' programme will entitle you to download free documents from our password protected site.

For more information:

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