Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Exponential Knowledge for Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has certainly helped us move even faster
from incremental and episodic knowledge creation
to continuous knowledge creation and sharing, at
an exponential rate!

People, all around the world, are creating
inspirational videos, commenting and sharing
knowledge in video and blogs, creating new knowledge
in radically new ways with wiki-editing tools and
hybrids, and tagging, organising and distributing
information and knowledge in all sorts of clever ways.

It feels like this process of creating, sharing and learning
is now happening so fast around the world, that it has
become 'beyond human' comprehension.

The richer and increasingly varied inter-connections,
and increased collaboration, with people we don't even know
but who we increasingly depend on, to make it all happen,
is quite extraordinary.

As a KM consultant, I am particularly interested in rich
and complex informational associations and connections that,
even when made explicit on the web, are increasingly
resembling knowledge forms and representations of the brain.

I believe that progress in this area, for Web 3.0 will be staggering
and exponential over the next 5 years.

Ron Young

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  1. I agree ron, waiting for that transition to web 3.0. Knowledge Management needs to gain a serious foothold in the information industry.

    Arjun Thomas.

  2. Anonymous3:39 AM

    I think Web 3.0 is just around the corner..after reading Sramana Mitra's definition of Web 3.0. Check it out! Link: http://sramanamitra.com/blog/572