Thursday, May 03, 2007

India and/or China lead Knowledge Management

Once again, Europe and USA have become complacent.

Last time it was Quality management. This time it is
Knowledge Management.

I remember Duran saying that although he developed his ideas
around Quality management in the USA, he could never get
people to truly see what he was trying to do. They were too
busy, couldn't easily see the ROI and were generally cynical
of anything new.

They were not hungry enough for new innovative ideas and

Eventually, the Japanese embraced Quality Management the
way he envisaged, and the rest is history. We learned how to
do QM properly from the Japanese.

I see the same with Knowledge Management.

The West has still not got it entirely.

We are still playing around the edges of the field.
Also, we are too busy, cannot immediately see the ROI
and are, also, generally cynical about change.

I predict that India will get it fully. I predict China will get it
fully. Why? Because they have deep and rich cultures that
have always highly valued knowledge. Because they are
incredibly intelligent, talented and innovative in this area.
Because they know this change has to happen, and they want
it. The Far East will continue to provide innovative
technologies to support innovative knowledge creation and

Then, I expect that Europe and USA, at least, will all learn from
India and China how to do KM properly.

One example: Take a look at the Vedas and Upanishads,
the great spiritual heritage of India.

The first books of knowledge of several thousand years ago.

Then you will see that they will undoubtedly understand
what 21st Century knowledge management should be,
if they don't already!

Ron Young

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  1. If you had any direct experience with India or China, you would probably change your tune. I know a few chinese knowledge workers who behave much like the Borg and refuse to innovate due to the restrictions imposed by the 'hive mind'. Their individuality is so suppressed that they will not learn how to think and expand in a changing environment. I think India has a better chance at fulfilling your expectations. That is why so many of us are writing about oursourcing. Still, people from India generally are mixed in their embrace of technology. I believe political factors will overpower economic,intellectual and social factors in the race for Knowledge Management supremacy. Try General Knowledge Base as a knowledge management tool of superior quality.