Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knowledge Management and the pasta machine

I was reminded today of the story of the pasta machine

and its relevance to tools to support KM.

A couple were given a pasta machine for a xmas present.

Because it was given to them, and not in a situation of real

need, at that time, they were very thankful and put it into a

kitchen cupboard. There it remained for three years, unused.

But if the couple had a real need or desire to make pasta, they

would have bought a pasta machine and immediately started

to use it properly.

It's the same with technology tools that are thrust upon us.

If there isn't a proper need, and proper understanding for how

the technology can really help us work better, it will not be used


I hear people who say, 'Oh yes I tried blogging and wikis when they

first appeared, but I don't use them now'. And I think to myself,

do they really understand what these new tools can do for us,

as knowledge workers, or are they like the couple with the

xmas pasta machine present?

Ron Young

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