Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knowing what you know

So here I am again, back in S W France, reflecting on
lessons learned and my trip to Asia and Scotland this
past month.

Most times, I am asked to create new knowledge management
presentations around new themes. For example: focusing on
identifying and developing the core competencies of
knowledge management consultants, as in Asia, or how to
achieve much better knowledge retention, as in the case of
the Oil and Gas sector in Scotland.

What always amazes me is that I never can know what I truly
already know until I am given a task and context to think about.
In other words, preparing presentations around themes are
great knowledge creation and better knowledge organisation

I know that there is the well known maxim 'You teach to learn
and you learn to teach'. But it is so true.

Sometimes I think that I should pay conference and workshop participants
for giving me the opportunity to consolidate my learnings and
experiences and learn more as I teach!

But then I would not be able to afford to travel and learn at
such a fast rate anymore.

So please keep inviting me to speak around the world and I will
do my utmost to provide high value by sharing my experiences,
learnings and new insights...and , of course, continue to better
know and share what I know!

Ron Young

For Open Source KM Consulting Methodologies

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  1. Another interesting article! Thanks for the post.