Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knowledge Management and 'The Search'

I am reading 'The Search' - How Google and its rivals rewrote
the rules of business and transformed our culture, by John Battelle.

For me, as a knowledge management consultant, putting the
search developments and future intentions into a global
knowledge management context is very exciting.

So far, this book is blowing me away!

I love the concepts, thoughts, insights and ideas like:

'search has become a universally understood method of navigating
our information universe' or

'search defines our interactions with the Internet'

'massive click streams'

'we trust you to not do evil things with our information'

'the future of search will be more about understanding, rather
than simply finding'

'what does the world want?'

and best of all, so far:

'harness and leverage the intelligence already extant on the
Web - the millions and millions of daily transactions, utterances,
behaviours, and links that form the Web's foundation - the
Database of Intentions'

This really stretches my brain and aligns my mind to the evolution of
planetary intelligence. Read John Battelle! Cool ...

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