Wednesday, October 24, 2007

KM and links within links

I still find it simply amazing to be sitting in my home office
overlooking the golden and green autumn vineyards in SW France,
on the one hand, and replying to friends around the world who
have given such feedback to my thoughts and insights, as I try to
understand what is happening in the global knowledge space.

Blogging really is so powerful and I truly believe that we are still
only able to see the tip of the iceberg. I look forward to what is coming.

When I first started to blog, I really wanted and hoped for
lots of direct two way communication and feedback. I then quickly
learned the nature and motivations of different bloggers, and how we are all trying to deal with so much more information of interest, but no more time.
Probably even less time to absorb all that we wish we could.

So meaningful filtering of information is even more critical to
effective knowledge working.

But what caused me to write this post was the simple realisation
that there is something as important, even more important sometimes,
than feedback.

The links that I get from people who read my blog, but do not
directly feedback, tell me what information and what solutions
people are looking for. The links contain the search requests.
That is of course interesting. But when I examine and follow
their searches further, I discover so many other interesting
things that greatly add to my knowledge.

Most of them are so relevant to my interests in knowledge management.

This can be so revealing and sometimes, so inspiring.
So I do get valuable feedback from every single searcher and
reader of my blog too!

Of course, I love the feedback, as direct communication, and I
am finding, more and more, that people find my blog through
searching for information, not just from what I write, but
the searches are finding results to comments that others write.

So there is an increasingly complex set of links, and links
within links that are naturally emerging.

The web is naturally emerging as a complex global organism
of thoughts, insights and ideas.

Now it's back to a cup of coffee and a walk in the vineyards to
retain my sanity :-)

Ron Young

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