Tuesday, October 16, 2007

KM Singapore and KM Asia 2007

I have been asked to give a keynote address at KM Singapore on 1st November
and the title is 'How to develop KM Competencies'.This is very close to my heart, as I feel that the biggest difference to achieving excellence in KM is made through KM competency development of individuals, teams, organisations, knowledge networks and communities of practice.


I shall attend KM Asia on 29th - 31st October, in Singapore also, catch up with old friends and listen to all the keynote speakers. I am particularly interested to see if any new challenging thinking, trends, strategies, methods and tools are developing within the conference context of 'enhancing knowledge culture and discovering new possibilities'. I am pretty sure Dave Snowden will deliver some constructive and challenging thoughts. He always does!


My aim, for this trip, is to observe, learn, blog and share any new insights and ideas that I gain. If you have a special interest in these conferences and speakers and are not planning to attend, and if you have a special question or challenge, please let me know and I will do my best to help, if I can.

Ron Young

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