Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A lot to juggle at KM Singapore 2007

I was very glad to be invited by Patrick Lambe of Straits Knowledge, in his capacity as President of the Information and Knowledge Management Society of Singapore (iKMS)to give a keynote speech at the Annual KM Singapore 2007 Conference on 1st November 2008.

This conference immediately followed KM Asia, in Singapore, organised by Ark Group.

I think the two events complimented each other extremely well. KM Asia consisted mainly of presentations and an exhibition, with some interactive discussion panels and David Gurteen's Knowledge Cafe, whereas KM Singapore 2007 was mainly interactive group work, reports and feedback on an iKMS survey of member country status with KM, and how Singapore rated to the rest of the world, and very short case study presentations (6 mins) to enable participants to choose two of the most relevant case studies to explore as interactive groups in the afternoon.

My keynote presentation, entitled 'How to Build KM Competencies' was just 30 minutes to put a global KM competence development perspective into a better context for Singapore and to assist and enable the workgroups to better identify and develop, from well prepared archetypes by iKMS and Straits Knowledge, KM competencies relevant to their needs.

The conference and workshops ended with a good discussion on the role that a Professional Society should play for KM practitioners / members in developing personal and organisational competencies.

I think this event is a must for serious KM practitioners. I am sure the participants felt that the highly interactive discussions and participative workshops were of high value.I learned a great deal and made some great new contacts and friends from around Asia.It was great to see David Gurteen actively participating with much enthusiasm during the day.

One new contact for me was Naguib Chowdhury, who runs, in Malaysia, KMTalk.
Naguib has blogged this event well and includes pictures too, so I will not repeat his comment on the event, apart from one thing - juggling!

When I worked with Patrick Lambe in Kuala Lumpur is September 2007 I casually mentioned that I taught many workshop delegates, over the years, to juggle in their refreshment breaks and lunchtime. So many delegates have told me how refreshing and exciting it was to do, during an otherwise very cerebral day! I also use the metaphor of juggling to teach the three components of competence - knowledge, skills and attitude. (Those in the group that have the attitude 'Yes, I can, and I will juggle by the end of the day, normally do)

I thought no more of it until I arrived in Singapore and Patrick said, 'I have got all the juggling balls ready for everyone!' Naguib's blog has the pictures.

Seriously, it was a great day with much discussed. Total participation of all, some good conclusions, and great fun.

I would highly recommend iKMS Membership to all serious KM practitioners and Organisations.

Ron Young

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