Monday, January 28, 2008

Exploring Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

I am running a one day post conference workshop in London on March 7th, organised by Unicom Seminars entitled 'Exploring Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 ' to Achieve Personal and Organisational Results.
I shall also be attending the 2 day conference 'Web 2.0 and Beyond' on 5-6th March.

David Gurteen is running a one day pre-conference workshop 'Effective Knowledge Working' on 4th March.

Here are the details of my workshop:

"Just knowing and using the best emerging tools is not enough to achieve effective personal and organisational results. With web 2.0 and beyond, it is now critical to re-visit and then combine, both the timeless principles of achieving results, together with applying the best emerging tools, to gain success.

This workshop will take delegates through a practical framework and process that links the new rapidly emerging and rapidly changing web services, tools and web phenomena to the non-changing, even timeless principles of achieving better results as individuals, teams, networks, organisations and communities. It also explores future web scenarios, intelligence and better sense making towards a more meaningful global web.

Designed for information and knowledge workers, the workshop will cover:

• Achieving personal and organisational goals and the Semantic Web 3.0
• The more effective use of time management in a global 24hr day
• Developing and managing dynamic relationships using web 2.0 social networking tools
• Working together with wiki's in virtual teams and through mass collaboration spaces
• Avoiding information overload and managing personal and organisational knowledge

The Presenter: Ron Young, Knowledge Associates

Ron Young has been an avid daily user and researcher of the emerging web and results tools, and has combined them with his experience of teaching time, task, information and knowledge management, since the 1980's.

He will build on the conference 'Web 2.0 and Beyond' by sharing his personal experiences, presenting new concepts and tools, facilitate the shared experiences and discussions from the workshop, and facilitates a unique process to help participants, as individuals and organisations, achieve better results."

I hope to see some of you there.

Ron Young

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