Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Semantic Web 3.0 and The Knowledge Navigator

Over the next two weeks, I have a series of meetings in London where I will be discussing with colleagues the state of the art of the Semantic Web 3.0 and some recently launched web services and tools.

My earlier blog talked about twine.com, from Radar Networks, which is now in its first beta phase, and I will be talking about a few more promising tools over the next weeks.

But today, I was so pleasantly surprised to find the video from Apple Computers, made in 1987 (Happy 20 years anniversary) called The Knowledge Navigator.

It had a big impact on my thinking then, and it is so interesting to see it again in the context of the more meaningful semantic web developments.

If you haven't seen this 5 minute video, take a look.

What do you think about these developments?

Ron Young

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  1. Dr Ron is that actually back in 1987?. If thats the case, it is excitingly amazing. I mean apple here introduces all the applications that have been lunched not earlier than 2004. Thats tagging, virtual simulation, voice identification. I am really amazed by the video and how it is a prophet of the Web 2.0 and some aspects of the semantic web 3.0.

  2. Hi Stelios

    Yes, amazing. It really was 1987 or 1988. I remember it well and the impact it had on me then.

    A short while ago I watched the YouTube video of the Apple Iphone launch in USA and it certainly is a realization of the original vision for the interface.

    I wonder what Steve Jobs thinks of this?

    Thanks for your post