Thursday, January 31, 2008

Technology and Innovation for Knowledge Management

I shall be giving a keynote presentation at the Second International Conference on Technology and Innovation for Knowledge Management, on 12th-14th February 2008 in New Delhi India.

The conference is jointly organised by:

National Productivity Council,(NPC) New Delhi, India and
Asian Productivity Organisation (APO), Tokyo, Japan.

"Technology and Innovation are becoming the vital tools as well as the outcome of Knowledge Management efforts. The Emerging Global Knowledge Economy will increasingly depend upon the harnessing of Technology and Innovation efforts to derive quantum productivity gains in the new millennium.

Participants from twenty APO member countries have already been confirmed.

The Conference thus will provide a forum for delegates and participants from the Government, Industry, Business, Researchers, Social Institutions and Academics from around the world to discuss and evolve the future prospects for Knowledge Management, and with it, other key aspects, including ICT, Productivity and Innovation."

My keynote is entitled 'Back to Basics, Strategies for Identifying, Creating, Storing, Sharing and Using Knowledge'.

I shall be discussing the importance of combining the best emergent tools and technologies, with the best innovation processes, and, most importantly, aligning them with the best underlying, and timeless, business principles.

Ron Young

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