Thursday, June 05, 2008

Global KM Directory continues to 68 countries

As at the end of May 2008, we have 64 key countries in the KM Global Directory, and more will be added during June.

Some great KM practitioners and consultants have added their details during May, and much more is promised for June.Check it out, as it happens, by subscribing to the 'What's New' section.

So far, we have entries from the following countries:

USA, UK, India, Malaysia, Spain, Canada, France, Bulgaria, HongKong, Singapore, Norway.

We hope it will help you better connect with other KM practitioners, consultants, teachers, policy makers, students, organizations and other interested parties.

So please let us know your KM capabilities, needs and offerings.

If your country is not listed yet, and you wish to register now, please let us know your country, by commenting on this blog post, or emailing and we will create your country page within 24 hours.

We will announce new countries and entries through this blog.

We hope you will register in the KM Global Directory. The more who register and share KM capabilities, needs and interests, comments and opinions, the more benefit to us all.

Ron Young

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