Monday, July 14, 2008

KM for poverty eradication and knowledge-based development

Professor Serafin "Apin" Talisayon has made and entry in the KM Global Directory.

He advocates knowledge-based development and KM for poverty eradication, in addition to developing appropriate KM tools for clients in the international, public and private sectors.

"I believe that KM can help policy-makers and decision-makers better understand and manage organizations, networks and national economies amidst the changes in the global knowledge economy."

Current positions:
> Director for R&D, CCLFI.Philippines, a non-profit NGO dedicated to personal and organizational learning and change, knowledge-based development, knowledge for poverty alleviation and knowledge management
> Chair, Knowledge Management Association of the Philippines
> Vice-Chair, Society of Knowledge Management Practitioners
> Professor, Technology Management Center, University of the Philippines

He has written a book and edited three others in KM, and is a senior author of a book on knowledge for poverty alleviation. He was lead writer of a technical note on knowledge-based economies in Asia

If you would like to know more about the work of Professor Talisayon, you may contact Professor Talisayon directly.

Ron Young

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  1. Hi,
    great to see that lots of people r coming forward n taking this initative to end poverty. I am also serving a similar cause on Endpoverty by 2015 in India.
    I am voluntarily working with the United Nations on its Millennium Development Goals.
    if thr any ways u can contribute thn plz let me knw