Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Updating the Future of Knowledge Management - a second Knol

Today I have created my second Knol article on Google entitled ' Updating The Future of Knowledge Management'.

In 1999 I published an article entitled 'Future of Knowledge Management' in the European American Business Journal. Today, 9 years later in August 2008, I decided to review and rewrite this article.

Where is Knowledge Management (KM) going in the next ten years? What did I get right in 1999? What did I get wrong and what have I learned from this? What are the challenges for knowledge driven organizations if they are to thrive in the global knowledge economy in the next 10 years?

I find it exciting to write about the future of knowledge management in 2008 on a Knol, as I fully embrace the Knol as a great addition to the knowledge management toolkit.

As always, I would highly value your comments, feedback and any reviews, so that I may continually improve this Knol.

Ron Young

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