Friday, January 02, 2009

Book - Personal knowledge management in a global knowledge economy

I have set my New Year goal to finish my latest book which has the working title "Personal knowledge management in a global knowledge economy". It should be ready as an ebook within the first quarter of 2009.

Naturally, I would be so grateful for any interest shown or feedback given, so I enclose a description of the book, as at today, as a soft pre-release.

I do hope to get your feedback and interest, or email me directly

Happy New Year

Ron Young

Planetary knowledge with personal knowledge management.

This book is written to change lives and organizations around the world. It provides substantial opportunity in a rapidly emerging global knowledge economy, despite global recession in traditional economies. We are at the dawn of a revolutionary era where the means of production is not with the capitalists who own the land, buildings, plant and machinery etc, but with the individual, wherever he or she may live. We are entering the era of the individual knowledge capitalist, who owns the means to knowledge production! This book describes in simple steps the means to effective knowledge working.

It is a book that contains one of the most critical and essential life skills for the 21st Century – how to become an effective knowledge worker - in a rapidly growing global knowledge economy. It is for those who wish to become Web citizens.

The book is inspired by the Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, who said

“Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That is our commitment“

This book shows you how to much better develop your ability to create, capture, store, share, apply and sell your knowledge by applying the best personal knowledge management disciplines, process, methods and tools. It provides you with a very fast, convenient solution, immediately downloadable, and it has been written by one of the thought leaders in global knowledge management today.

It is a book where you will learn how to:

* Create personal income and wealth in a rapidly growing knowledge economy

* How to develop a perfect business with no financial capital and turn your personal knowledge into digital income.

* How to avoid stress and ‘information overload’ and save time and effort, by organising and accessing your information and knowledge effectively in a personal goal and results focused way

* How to develop valuable sought after knowledge working skills and competencies

* How to save time and money by less ‘reinventing of the wheel’ and ‘repeating the same mistakes’

* How to use your brain more effectively to provide you with the events, circumstances and opportunities you need to succeed in a knowledge economy

* How to successfully participate in global knowledge community web services

* How to develop a knowledge based livelihood that significantly contributes to a more sustainable and ecologically friendly planet

For the past fifteen years, Ron Young has been giving presentations, running seminars, workshops and conferences all over the word in knowledge management. He was also inspired to write this book following his introductory quote from the late Professor Peter Drucker who said

“The greatest contribution that management has made in the 20th Century was to increase the productivity of manual working fifty fold. The greatest contribution that needs to be made in the 21st Century is to similarly increase the productivity of knowledge working fifty fold”.

This book aims to dramatically increase personal knowledge working skills, competencies, productivity and income.

Whether you are working in a large organization in a developed economy that could benefit from your increased knowledge working skills, or an individual in an under-developed nation that wishes to fully participate in a global knowledge economy, this book will most certainly change your life.

The book has been written as a result of Ron Young personally ‘practising what he preaches’.

1. A day in the life of a global knowledge worker
2. Trust the system and start using the knowledge tools today
3. The practical personal daily knowledge management process
4. The principles of personal knowledge management
5. The global knowledge community
6. The global knowledge web services

Copyright Ronald Young 2009 - All Rights Reserved

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