Saturday, January 31, 2009

Knowledge Management and the power of a simple search

Sometimes, I amaze myself with simple things!

My website
is three years old and, this morning, I was reflecting on future
directions, topics and themes for knowledge management.

I have always had a simple Google search on the home page,
both to search the web, and to search within the website.

Because the website contains all the structured input, as well
as all the unstructured, or less structured blog content from
my KM consulting blog this past three years, and it contains
Directory details and comments from KM practitioners around
the world, I was simply amazed at the results I received from
several interesting internal searches of the website.

The searches gave me far far more information than I will ever
remember or recall. Even the content that I wrote myself!

How powerful, and yet, so simple. Or is it really that simple?

Think of all the advances that humanity has had to make to get
to the stage of offering us all simple searches on the World Wide
Web using a laptop computer, or even now, a simple search
using my iPhone!

I would call it simply marvellous.

Ron Young

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