Monday, January 26, 2009

New Global Knowledge Order - New Rules?

This morning our UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, talked from
Downing Street about the global financial crisis and suggested
a new global order with some new rules.

Although he was talking about the global financial economy,
in the main,I could not help but relate it to the global knowledge
economy.His words would not be amiss in a discussion about
global knowledge management.

He said we need a new way of thinking and governing.

He talked about the high interdependence and connectivity of
the world, and global flows.

He stated that we cannot bring about better global security control
with only national regulation. We need an open global economy and we
need a global coordinated response.

He proposed a new global order, with some new rules.

He proposed an 'early warning' system, or an early alerting system
to prevent systemic imbalances.

In discussing a global regulatory system, he talked of the
importance of establishing a common set of principles, best
practices and common standards across nations.

He stated the need for 'agreed transparency'.

I am not saying that I agree or disagree with his talk
and proposals, at this stage, but I did think to myself,
as he was speaking:

'I have seen and heard these same words, so many times,
in many KM blogs, KM articles and KM books, including my own.
But I do not like the thought of ,say, a new global knowledge
order,with its emerging new rules, working with global regulation?
I thought also, what risks do we take with sub-prime knowledge?'.

But, is there anything here, between money flows and
knowledge flows, that we can learn and use?

Ron Young

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