Tuesday, October 12, 2010

KM Singapore 2010 - my keynote paper and my learning's

The information and Knowledge Management Society of Singapore held their annual conference KM Singapore 2010 on 16/17th September 2010.At this website you will find full conference details and proceedings.

The theme this year was Knowledge and Innovation.

I had the pleasure to give the international keynote speech 'From Knowledge to Innovation' and a copy is available here

The accompanying presentation slides are available on SlideShare here

I greatly enjoyed the conference this year. The iKMS Awards Presentation for Knowledge Excellence was excellent and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) were the first to receive a Platinum Award, ever.

As the conference is well blogged and covered well on the iKMS Singapore and KM Singapore websites, I will just add my key personal learning's.

1. I was pleasantly amused in the workshop sessions when one facilitator suggested people could sms their questions to speakers if they fely embarrased. Nice.

2. Arthur Shelley said 'I don't teach. I have conversations with students'. Nice.

3. I am not sure I agree with the speaker from Shell Global Solutions who said Shell do not use the word knowledge management but use knowledge sharing instead. I think better knowledge sharing is only one component of effective knowledge management, and better knowledge protecting is the other.It's about knowing when to better share and when to better protect. But Shell now have knowledge advisors instead of knowledge managers, so let's see what happens.

4. I certainly do like Shells 'ASK, LEARN and SHARE'mantra.

5. One speaker/teacher said her students were too shy to speak so she got in to their world using Virtual Life to engage. Great. I don't think it is just shyness though. I think this is the way the young and future generations want to communicate. Avatars are certainly more fun for them.

6. The Supreme Court of Singapore say 'culture leads and technology supports'. It's interesting how they use wiki's to create legal knowledge repositories. A cautious nice.

7. I really enjoyed the facilitated '3 minute story session' from Nate Allen from the US Army. Each table delegate (4 to a table) tells a 3 minute story about personal experiences with Communities Of Practice. When all delegates have done this, after 12 minutes, everyone changes tables and tells the same stories to new people. After doing this for four rotations, everyone stands together in the room. people then have to go and put their hand on the shoulder of the person who's story was most interesting. A great engagement and a great idea.

8.Professor Eric Chan gave good presentations, as always, and I enjoyed some new perspectives from him on taxonomy and folksonomy. He and I also share the same views about the critical importance of personal knowledge management.

9. I do recommend the KM Aids, a set of KM Diagnostic Cards, Organisation Culture Cards, KM methods Cards and KM Approaches Methods and Tools - A Guidebook, from Straits Knowledge

I enjoyed Nate Allens final remark 'We all leave a wake, what do you want your wake to be?'

I do hope to participate next year in KM Singapore 2011.

Ron Young

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Understanding the Four Dimensions of Knowledge Management - personal, team, organizational and inter-organizational

Recently, I have been running Master Classes in London and Singapore in 'Understanding the Four Dimensions of Knowledge Management'.

By request, here is the paper I circulate before my Master Classes to explain the importance of all four dimensions, before deeper class discussions and knowledge sharing.

My next scheduled Master Class for this is at KM Asia in November 2010. You can download the brochure details here

Do you agree with this?

As always, I would be very glad indeed for any feedback.

Ron Young

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