Saturday, February 18, 2012

Knowledge Management Field Guide

I was very glad to meet again, my friend of many years, KM practitioner and Principal Consultant with the Singapore Civil Service College (CSC) Gopinathan R. at the Centre for Organisation Development.

We had coffee and hot chocolate at Starbucks in Orchard Road, Singapore.

CSC has just published the 'Knowledge Management Field Guide' and Gopi is the author.

For the past 10 years, Centre for Organisation Development (Centre for OD), has been educating public agencies on the practice of Knowledge Management (KM) through its workshops, and has been advising agencies how their KM efforts can be shaped. CSC decided, as a result, that it is timely to develop a field guide which will serve as a starting point for KM practitioners.

The field guide will provide a point of view on how KM can be practised effectively in the Singapore Public Service, drawing on the body of knowledge and experience the Centre for OD has gathered through work samples in the public agencies as well as good practices of the larger KM community in Singapore and globally.

I was very glad to be involved in KM training development and delivery, in the early years at CSC, and I am so pleased to see the developments over the years.

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