Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knowledge Management and spontaneous flow

When conducting KM consulting engagements, I have to constantly remind myself of the enormous power of spontaneous knowledge flow!

I certainly enjoy helping organizations better understand and implement, with great benefit, more collective and systematic processes to capture, create, share and apply best knowledge. It really can make a great difference to business improvement and performance.

But we must never forget the spontaneity and creativity, and to my mind the reality, of working in environments where 'what we don't know' is, and always will be, far far greater that 'what we know'.

Communities of practice, passion and interest; thematic knowledge networks, and even small ad hoc incidental and/or accidental encounters and meetings are constant daily witnesses to more natural and spontaneous knowledge flows.

You might say that to optimise knowledge in an organisation that we need to constantly blend a more systematic approach to knowledge abstraction with a more unsystematic approach to knowledge flow?


  1. Anonymous9:01 PM

    You obviously haven't "realized" that you are wasting you time because only few will truly know where you are coming from. The reason being is because I am the same as you, and the reason you first stated that you didn't expect (or meant) anyone to understand you is because the truth is no one will. They can't. And the only way for them to realize this is at there death. Thats why when you explain it in true detail, it sounds rubbish. But the reason is because its too simple. So im stopping here, because it is the only truth.